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“An expertly executed blend of style and form. Winship’s expertise with mandolin and pen are highlighted throughout. This is a project sure to chase away the doldrums.” ~ Mike Compton

ACORNS is my version of old time string-band music. It was mostly recorded live in my studio with a crew of my favorite people over several days. Lots of meals, jokes, laughing and libations. While I produced it and the songs are mostly mine, it was very much a collaborative effort and I think the community spirit of real time, spontaneous music making is accurately celebrated.

Featuring: Brittany Haas, Roy Andrade, Eric Thorin, Pharis Romero, Chris Coole, Scotty Meyer, Forrest Gibson, Eli West, Rayna Gellert, Natalie Padilla, Mollie O’Brien

A Little Goes a Long Way Shakin Down the Acorns Pilgrim I’ll Live On Phoebe’s Rest Cherry Tree Katy Bar the Door Turtle Dove Fit to be Tied New River Train One-Eyed Dolly Lily Green Kennedy Rag

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