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Our Products >> Ben Winship TOOLSHED Ben Winship TOOLSHED TOOLSHED is all the stuff I love to do that doesn’t fall in the old time string-band music category — bluesy, funk, dixie, folk. Primarily original stuff with 3 covers thrown into the mix. This recording was like a laboratory experiment, where I dawned my safely glasses and lab coat and flexed my studio editing/mixing chops. Lots of overdubs and musicians from remote locations. Tubas, tablas, accordions, drums and such. Plus I invited some other singers to take over the lead on a few numbers; notably Ivan Neville, Travis Book, Bo Elledge and my son, Owen.

1 Toolshed 2 That’s What Ghosts are For 3 Ragged but Right 4 Crossing the Great Divide 5 Dumb Luck & Elbow Grease 6 The Buzzards Dilemma 7 Always the Mountain 8 Tamp ‘em up Solid 9 My Name’s Mudd 10 What’s the Matter with the Well 11 Which Way to Fly

with special guests: Ivan Neville, Stanton Moore, Mollie O’Brien, Travis Book, John Magnie, Rich Brotherton

and a cast of thousands (well, dozens anyway)

©2019 Snake River Records

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