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Brother Mule: Jawbone "If you aren't tapping your feet to their music, you're dead."

Jawbone is the much anticipated, second release of this crazy, fun trio. Their debut recording, Big Twang, earned them the Indie Music Award's Best Americana CD of 2005. Jawbone, too, is a showcase of original and traditional vocals and instrumentals spanning genres of swing, old time, Celtic, old country and acoustic funk.

Brother Mule in concert is a musical conversation between three of America's most gifted acoustic musicians. The bandmates share the spotlight in a three-ringed circus of extraordinary talent and variety. Brian Wicklund ignites the stage with his fiery fiddling, Ben Winship plays tasty mandolin as he croons one of his finely crafted songs, while Eric Thorin pushes the boundaries of bass playing as an extreme sport.

Katy Bar the Door Shady Grove - Half Past Four Pool Bug Radio On Til the End of the World Rolls Round Buck & Chuck Take My Rest Old Black Crow Fiddler a Dram Mule to Ride Here I Am In Love Again Trillium

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