2 New CDs!!!  

Really excited to be unleashing new music this summer! 
It’s been 22 years since my last actual solo project. 
Visit my store to check them out. 

ACORNS is my version of old time string-band music. Mostly songs I wrote, mostly new, some older ones reinvented for fiddle, banjo, mando. It was recorded live in my studio with a crew of my favorite people over several joy filled days. 

TOOLSHED is all the other stuff I love to do — Bluesy, funk, dixie, folk — more like a laboratory experiment, where I dawned my safely glasses and lab coat and flexed my studio editing/mixing chops. 

Lots of special guests: Ivan Neville, Brittany Haas, Stanton Moore, Travis Book, Eli West, Mollie O’Brien, Chris Coole and more

Traditionally unconventional roots music

Latest Track