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Traditionally unconventional roots music

I was a guest on the Mandolins & Beer podcast in early March.            Check it out        >>>

B-log    Winter, 2023-24

Season's greeting to everyone. My hope is that you can find hope and health amidst these crazy times….sheesh.

In the world of Winship, my winter is looking like a lot of time in the studio. Current projects include mixing a number of projects that were either recorded here, or done remotely and sent in over the interweb. Also, composing a fair amount of soundtrack music in a range of genres. A few gigs here and there, but mostly drilling down on the recording side of things. 

On the side, there will be skiing (though El Niño is bringing the predicted warm and lo precip conditions), work in my woodshop turning bowls (my new obsession) on my new fancy lathe, and continuing to play a lot of “social music” with the locals.

Peace to all (near and far!)