Toolshed cover1

Acorns Cover

Yahoo. I’m thrilled to be unleashing these two new cds into the world this summer.

ACORNS is my version of old time string-band music. Mostly songs I wrote, mostly new, some older ones reinvented for fiddle, banjo, mando. It was recorded live in my studio with a crew of my favorite people over several joy filled days.

TOOLSHED is all the other stuff I love to do  — bluesy, dixie, funky folk – more like a laboratory experiment, where I dawned my safely glasses and lab coat and flexed my studio editing/mixing chops. Lots of special guests: Ivan Neville, Brittany Haas, Stanton Moore, Travis Book, Eli West, Mollie O’Brien, Chris Coole… stay tuned!

Also been busy in the studio making music for other folks: Natalie Padilla, One Ton Pig, Kevin Brown, Big Chimney Barn DanceRandom Canyon Growlers and more

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